Dataset: Environmental watering data for the Basin Plan Evaluation 2020



The reporting of this data is required to meet statutory obligations under Schedule 12 of the Basin Plan (2012). Reporting of environment water use refers to Matter 9.3 of Schedule 12 of the Basin Plan (2012). This reporting refers to the annual reporting of all environment water use, by all relevant environmental water holders, to the MDBA for consolidation and publication.

This measure allows all environmental water holders to continuously assess and manage their environmental water holdings, and enhances the coordination and delivery of environmental water through sharing and publication of this information.


All relevant environmental water holders contribute to matter 9.3 reporting data on an annual basis, to fulfil statutory obligations under the Basin Plan (2012).

Environmental Water Holders include

Commonwealth Environment Water Holder (CEWH)

Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH)

South Australia

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory


MDBA (The Living Murray)

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A range of products have been developed and released as part of the Basin Plan Evaluation 2020.

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