Dataset: Downstream Cost Calculator Model and Data for 1996/97 or 2001 prices


This spreadsheet model is used to determine the downstream costs of salinity,
turbidity, erosion and sedimentation to urban and industrial water users. It
was produced by the Resource Economics Unit (REU) in Perth and further
developed by URS Corporation natural resource management consultants and CSIRO
Land and Water. It applies a set of infrastructure damage cost functions,
developed through the Capacity for change Theme (6) of the National Land and
Water Resources Audit, to water use data by State and River Basin.The model
determines the present value of costs from marginal increases in water
salinity, turbidity and sediment loads over the next 20 years (2000 to 2020).
Calculations can be made in 1996/97 or 2000/01 Australian Dollars. The
percentage increase in the water quality parameters is given as an input to
the model.

See [further metadata](
d_02711a00.xml) for more detail.

General Information