Dataset: Indicators of Catchment Condition in the Intensive Land Use Zone of Australia – Weed Density



It should be noted that this data is now somwhat dated! Grid weed coverage
species from States with 4 classes (present{2}, low{1}, med{2}, high{3}) plus
no data.

relative density rating derived by multiplying the percent of the total
number of species in each density class by the density weight (in {} ) and
summing them.

Polygons ->250m grid; resampled (mean) to 5km cell.

Data: Weeds of National Significance ( NLWR / Thorn and Lynch, 2000, The
determination of weeds of national significance, 1:12.5m and 1:50m)

Data are available as:

See [further metadata](
__05121axx.xml) for more detail.

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