Dataset: Southeast Tasmania Temperate Reef Survey: Post-Survey Report


This report provides a description of the research activities completed during the CERF Marine Biodiversity Hub survey of southeast Tasmanian temperate reefs, aboard RV Challenger, as part of the Hub's Surrogates Program. The survey was undertaken as a collaborative exercise between the Tasmania Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute (TAFI, University of Tasmania) and Geoscience Australia (GA), and was completed in two stages during 2008 and 2009.

This report describes the methods employed in the mapping and video characterisation of shallow-shelf temperate reef habitats across seven survey sites in southeast Tasmania. Preliminary results are provided of the analysis of multibeam sonar and underwater video data. Examples of the types of biota encountered in the towed video and stills photography, and initial interpretations of the benthic communities are also provided. In addition, initial results are presented from the deployment of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to collect high resolution photographs of reefs and associated biota.

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