Dataset: Great Artesian Basin groundwater recharge estimates



This dataset and its metadata statement were supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and are presented here as originally supplied.

Groundwater recharge estimates within the intake beds of the Cadna-owie - Hooray and equivalents aquifer and the Hutton Sandstone aquifer in the Great Artesian Basin. Recharge estimates are given in mm/year and are calculated using chloride mass balance method. Grid cell size (X, Y) = 0.015 DD, 0.015 DD. This GIS data set was produced for the Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment and used in Figures 7.9 of Ransley TR and Smerdon BD (eds) (2012) Hydrostratigraphy, hydrogeology and system conceptualisation of the Great Artesian Basin. A technical report to the Australian Government from the CSIRO Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment. CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, Australia. This dataset and associated metadata can be obtained from, using catalogue number 76932. For further information, contact: CSIRO Land and Water Waite Road Urrbrae SA 5064

Dataset History

SOURCES: Chloride deposition from rainfall data came from 'Australian 0.05 degree gridded chloride deposition', Geoscience Australia dataset (available from, catalogue number 71620). For the western margin of the GAB, recharge estimates are from Love et. al. (2013). For the eastern margin, groundwater chloride concentrations were obtained from recharge studies by Kellett et al. (2003) and Habermehl et al. (2009). No-data value is -9999 REFERENCES: 1. Love et al. (eds) 2013, Allocating Water and Maintaining Springs in the Great Artesian Basin, Volume II: Groundwater Recharge, Hydrodynamics and Hydrochemistry of the Western Great Artesian Basin, National Water Commission, Canberra 2. Kellett, J. R., T. R. Ransley, et al. (2003). Groundwater Recharge in the Great Artesian Basin Intake Beds, Queensland. Final Report for the NHT Project #982713 Sustainable Groundwater Use in the GAB Intake Beds, Queensland. Q. Final Report for the NHT Project #982713 Sustainable Groundwater Use in the Gab Intake Beds. Brisbane, BRS, Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government. 3. Habermehl MA, Devonshire J and Magee J (2009) Sustainable groundwater allocations in the intake beds of the Great Artesian Basin in New South Wales (recharge to the New South Wales part of the Great Artesian Basin). Final report for the National Water Commission. Bureau of Rural Sciences, Canberra.

Dataset Citation

CSIRO (2013) Great Artesian Basin groundwater recharge estimates. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 05 July 2017,

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