Dataset: RATSIB Areas


A "representative Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander body" (RATSIB) is a body recognised by the Commonwealth under s 203AD of the NTA to represent native title holders and persons who may hold native title and to consult with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons within a specified area.

A RATSIBs statutory functions are detailed in Part 11 Division 3 of the NTA and include:
(a) facilitation and assistance to prepare and progress native title applications and negotiation of future act processes;
(b) certification of native title applications and applications for registration of an ILUA;
(c) resolution of disputes between constituents;
(d) notification to persons who hold or may hold native title in the area of notices that relate to land and water in the RATSIB area; and
(e) agreement making to be a party to ILUAs as appropriate in its specified area.

General Information