Dataset: Groundwater Economic Assets Hunter NSW 20150331 PersRem



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme. This dataset was derived from multiple datasets. You can find a link to the parent datasets in the Lineage Field in this metadata statement. The History Field in this metadata statement describes how this dataset was derived.

Please note this dataset has now been superceeded by the following dataset which has been incorporated into the latest Asset database:

7174b44f-7146-4b70-a77f-b55c989a3278 Groundwater Economic Elements Hunter NSW 20150520 PersRem v02

This dataset has been created to represent Groundwater Economic Elements in the Hunter region.

Please note this dataset has not grouped Elements into Assets but this could easily be done using Water Sharing Plans of NSW.

The dataset was created from a new data extract (8 individual files) supplied by the NSW Office Of Water on 24/03/2015, (19697f0a-4513-42a4-a7ce-4e00f48a715a)

Every effort has been made to link volumes to the correct spatial feature using National Groundwater Information System, Extract from NSW (6c364d09-fc3b-47c3-aa98-6c702d3d8137) bores and mines from Geoscience Mining dataset (65c0c042-1ba8-47a8-9793-4363672500b9)

NGIS mines that did not link to volumes were also included.

The primary field for correct volume per element is called "VolPerElement"


This dataset has been created to represent Groundwater Economic Elements in the Hunter region.

Dataset History

This file has been created from the following data extracts provided by NSW Office of Water.


NorthCoastHunterMZ_GW_lics_by_WS (2).csv




NorthCoastMurrurundiSingletonMZ_GW_lics_by_WS (2).csv



This was provided as a pre-packaged extract of what NSW office of Water classify as their HUNTER region and therefore does not match the exact Hunter PAE however from a visual inspection of a pdf map provided by NSW office of Water it was seen as fit for purpose

Processing steps

Join licences to a bore location

  1. Select NGIS bores within Hunter PAE: NGIS_HUNTER25032015

  2. Join NGIS_HUNTER25032015.[StateBoreId] to NorthCoastMurrurundiSingletonMZ_GW_lics_by_WS (2).csv.[WORK_NO]

  3. Join Volume to bore location (WORKS)

  4. Join [NorthCoastMurrurundiSingletonMZ_GW_lics_by_WS (2).csv.LICENSE] to NorthCoastMurrurundiSingletonMZ_WALs.csv.[LINKED_TO_WA_CA]

Please note that where large volumes could not be assigned to a bore they were assigned to a mining location from Geoscience Australia mining dataset (see lineage and records in data file).

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2015) Groundwater Economic Assets Hunter NSW 20150331 PersRem. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 13 March 2019,

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