Dataset: Surveys of deepwater surface sediments using a van Veen Grab in Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia (WAMSI Node 3 Project 1 Subproject 3.1.1)


A total of 335 sediment samples were collected over the 2006/2007 surveys providing broad coverage of Ningaloo Marine Park. Sampling sites were chosen to include geomorphic provinces across the shelf from the base of the fore reef slope/inner shelf to the outer continental shelf/upper slope. A widely spaced systematic grid of samples was used in order to characterise each region and these were stratified by depth contours across the shelf up to the edge of Ningaloo Marine Park State boundary. Positions were fixed using a Global Positioning System (GPS) and imported directly into ArcGISTM for live onboard spatial analysis. Grabs were dropped at or close to towed video stations to obtain habitat linkages to surficial sediment facies, and infer biological activity and sediment transport pathways from sedimentary bedforms identified on the towed video data.

General Information