Dataset: Videos from Jervis Bay surveys


Several surveys to Jervis Bay, NSW were conducted between 2008 and 2009 to trial newly acquired Multibeam and video equipment, and to collect bathymetry and backscatter data, and characterise the benthic habitats and biota of Jervis Bay. During this time, two video surveys were conducted during the 17-20th June 2008 (GA survey #0312) and 25-26th August 2008 (GA survey #0309) in the south-eastern corner of Jervis Bay, NSW (off Darling Road) in water depths of 5-30 m. Video transects were run alongshore (4 x 6 km transects) and offshore (6 x 3 km transects) to map the spatial distributions of benthic habitats and biota. Video footage was recorded to mini DV tapes, and copied to digital format. For further information on this survey please refer to the post-survey report (GA Record 2009/10 - Geocat #68383). In addition, a drop-camera survey was conducted during 23 - 26 November 2009 to collect still colour photographs on the seabed at 24 stations throughout Jervis Bay (bounding coordinates 35.0045°S, 150.6884°E to -35.1262°S, 150.7868°E. MISSING Tara's main video files.

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