Dataset: Marine Seismic Survey Shape and Kml Files - 2014 Version


Geoscience Australia is releasing its 2014 version of the Marine Seismic Surveys Shape and Kml files. These files have been updated to include recent openfile surveys. The spatial files have been created from a cleansed, updated collection of p190 navigation files. This navigation collection has grown from the checking of navigation submitted to the GA Repository under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Regulations, checking of the 2003 SNIP navigation files and the digitisation of old survey track maps as required. Soon the individual p190 files will be available for download through the new NOPIMS delivery system. The collection is based on P190 navigation files which follows the UKOOA standard. Extensive industry standard metadata associated with a seismic survey is preserved in the attribute tables of these datasets.

The shapefiles have been categorised into 3D exploration, 2D exploration and 2D investigative seismic files. All marine surveys undertaken by Geoscience Australia for exploration or investigative purposes have been included in the collection. Geoscience Australia (email - appreciates being notified of any errors found in the navigation collection.

The data is available in both KML and Shape file formats.

The KML file can be viewed using a range of applications including Google Earth, NASA WorldWind, ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, Adobe PhotoShop, AutoCAD3D or any other earth browser (geobrowser) that accepts KML formatted data.

Alternatively the Shape files can be downloaded and viewed using any application that supports shape files.

Disclaimer: Geoscience Australia gives no warranty regarding the data downloads provided herein nor the data's accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose. Geoscience Australia disclaims all other liability for all loss, damages, expense and costs incurred by any person as a result of relying on the information in the data downloads.

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