Dataset: CLM Preliminary Assessment Extent Definition & Report( CLM PAE)



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme. This dataset was derived from multiple datasets. You can find a link to the parent datasets in the Lineage Field in this metadata statement. The History Field in this metadata statement describes how this dataset was derived.

The Preliminary Assessment Extent (PAE) is a spatial layer that defines the land surface area contained within a bioregion over which coal resource development may have potential impact on water-dependent assets and receptors associated with those assets (Barrett et al 2013).


The role of the PAE is to optimise research agency effort by focussing on those locations where a material causal link may occur between coal resource development and impacts on water dependent assets. The lists of assets collated by the Program are filtered for "proximity" such that only those assets that intersect with the PAE are considered further in the assessment process. Changes to the PAE such as through the identification of a different development pathway or an improved hydrological understanding may require the proximity of assets to be considered again. Should the assessment process identify a material connection between a water dependent asset outside the PAE and coal resource development impacts, the PAE would need to be amended.

Dataset History

The PAE is derived from the intersection of surface hydrology features; groundwater management units; mining development leases and/or CSG tenements; and, directional flows of surface and groundwater.

The following 5 inputs were used by the Specialists to define the Preliminary Assessment Extent:

  1. Bioregion boundary

  2. Geology and the coal resource

  3. Surface water hydrology

  4. Groundwater hydrology

  5. Flow paths (Known available information on gradients of pressure, water table height, stream direction, surface-ground water interactions and any other available data)

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Bioregional Assessment Programme (2014) CLM Preliminary Assessment Extent Definition & Report( CLM PAE). Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 28 September 2017,

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