Dataset: NoW Namoi Water Quality - groundwater



This dataset was supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and is presented here as originally supplied. Metadata was not provided and has been compiled by the Bioregional Assessment Programme based on the known details at the time of acquisition. This dataset replaces the original dataset supplied by NSW Office of Water which did not include individual pipe identifiers.

The NSW Office of Water (NoW) provided water quality data for the Namoi region. The data includes continuously monitored sites and discrete monitored sites. Sites with a GW prefix represent groundwater sites. Groundwater sites can be linked to their locational information through the NSW NGIS (provided by the Bureau of Meteorology). Groundwater sites in NSW have a 3 part naming convention representing the site/station, the bore hole number and the pipe number (eg. GW273033.2.1) Sites in the original dataset provided "discrete WQ data for the Namoi" and "continuously monitored WQ data for the Namoi" only provide the site/station number. Therefore if the site has multiple bores or pipes, the water quality information can not be attributed to a singe pipe/ aquifer. Further information was requested from NoW "WQ requests with pipes Lot1 to Lot4". This links data to the site/station and bore, but again not down to the individual pipe. Therefore data can be used where there is only single pipes within the bore. Further information from NSW is as follows "It is noted that some bores did not have pipe numbers, few ,inspite of the fact they had more than one pipe ( GW021086) the pipe number is not indicated. Most have only one pipe ( eg: GW062680, GW037947) . The dataset has been further interrogated by the Groundwater Team at the Bureau of Meteorology to highlight sites that can be used for WQ, and those where the individual pipe/aquifer can not be identified. There are 3 tables in the access database. 1. 'Namoi GW_WQ' is the original dataset from NoW. 2. 'Namoi_WQ_pipes' is where the original dataset (table 1) has been linked to individual pipes from the NGIS (table3) and where the 'short name' field has been populated, the WQ reading can be linked to an individual pipe. 3. The NGIS bore information has been extracted from the NSW NGIS to try and link table 1 and table 2. Surface water quality information has already been provided for Namoi which is directly from the Hydstra dataset provided by NSW

Dataset History

No history was provided by NoW on the data collection for Namoi groundwater quality

Dataset Citation

NSW Office of Water (2013) NoW Namoi Water Quality - groundwater. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 02 May 2016,

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